Option/Plus Supplemental Income Opportunities

The National Association of Home Based Businesses (NAHBB) separates home managed opportunities into two categories: independent business opportunities and supplemental income opportunities. An Independent Business Opportunity has a proven track record of success that lets the purchaser determine the credibility of the claims made by the seller. It can stand alone as a single income source and should give the purchaser a real chance at success. A Supplemental Income Opportunity must be added to an existing revenue stream to support the owner's business and personal needs. Supplemental income opportunities that are evaluated and pass the NAHBB's Clearinghouse may use the Option/Plus Program to jointly market their opportunities within the NAHBB. Option/Plus income opportunities need very little upfront cash to start, and can provide a steady stream of residual and/or override incomes.

The Telecommunication Industry is a 100 billion dollar business. HOBUS-TEL makes it possible for home based business owners to participate in this lucrative industry. HOBUS-TEL telecommunication services provide them with discount savings and income opportunities. Small business owners can build sales and marketing teams to offer long distance telephone services at discount prices. HOBUS-TEL uses an Option/Plus Infinity Marketing Compensation Plan that provides agents with residual and override incomes. This sales and marketing strategy allows subagents to receive a monthly residual commission on the long distance telephone discount services they sell and override bonuses or fees on new subagents they recruit. The Option/Plus Infinity Marketing System allows HOBUS-TEL to maintain high quality leadership because non-achieving agents are prohibited from collecting override bonuses on agents in marketing levels above them. The Infinity Marketing System allows top performing agents to bypass agents of a lesser performing status, even though they may have been recruited by them.

The USA Home Based Business Information Superhighway is an Internet marketing system for home managed businesses. It gives members and associates a focal point on the Internet. The Information Superhighway offers three distinct levels of Internet marketing: State Companion Sites offer local marketing for the home based business entrepreneurs. Certified Workstation Operators (CWO) act as agents/providers for programs and services offered by the Information Superhighway. In the United States there will be 50 Companion Sites attached to the National Site. The National Site services more than 200 business trade group Businesses with nationwide marketing capabilities participate at this level. International Site consist of eight Continental Master Sites, which will connect to more than 125 countries upon completion. The Internet HomeSite Program allows each business to use the Internet marketing level that best suits its business needs. Member businesses can obtain a listing, design their own web pages and create links to other sites on the Internet. There are two ways to enter the Internet Marketing Program, however they both require additional training. Independent Representatives who sell and market long distance telephone services can train for the Option/Plus Infinity Marketing Workstation. Others can enter through the NAHBB's Home Business Computer Workstation enrollment program.

The NAHBB offers a comprehensive training program for individuals who want to become agents/providers for the USA Home Based Business Information Superhighway. To make sure that opportunities created by the Information Superhighway remain in the hands of home based entrepreneurs, the NAHBB has authorized seven different types of Home Business Computer Workstations. These workstation specialize in data entry, consulting, sales, training, business opportunities, direct and network marketing. Workstations are privately owned and serve as the agents/providers for programs and services offered on the USA Home Based Business Information Superhighway. Computer workstation operators are trained to consult and assist home managed businesses in the commercial use of the Internet. Join our elite group of computer workstation operators who are making money providing Internet services to both home based and marketplace businesses. this is a "Pre-Opportunity Training Program", and enrollee must past the training program for the workstation they choose before they are allowed to market our Internet marketing services.