Management Notice: Since business and training opportunities are no longer about chance, today they are about the future economic well being of you and your family. In the new service driven economy most new jobs will be part-time.  Therefore, we have separated our opportunity listings into three distinct sections: Following are the three different websites where you will find our listings: 

 1)     Business Opportunities you can manage from home  will be listed on

 2)     Small marketplace businesses and high growth home based businesses:

 3)     And secondary careers and business training options: 

All accepted opportunities are listed under a Home Business Identity Classification (HBIC) or Micro-Business Trade Classification (MBTC) code guide number. These numbers are only assigned to opportunities that have been through our clearinghouse division.





Certified Condo Converter (CCC)

Real Estate Associates and others who want to enter a new field in Advance Real Estate and manage Condominium Conversion Projects of between 100 to 900 Affordable Condos. The Certified Condo Converter’s training course is conducted through home correspondence and may be taken in your spare time. Two training courses are offered: One, for those who want to specialize in the converting of Residential Properties including apartment buildings. The second course is for those who want to specialize in Commercial Properties such as shopping centers, office buildings, mini and wholesale storage warehouse spaces. You may call at: 410-356-5309 for additional information or email us at:



Tired of Paying Rent !!

Own an Affordable Condo for the same monthly payment you now pay for rent! Visit our website at: WarOnRent.Net/calculator and use our online RENT EQUITY CALCULATOR ™ to determine how much Condo you can own. You may also call us at: 410-356-5309 and reserve your seat in a Rent Equity Forum and learn to live a Rent Free Life Style.



IntraNet-TV Freelance Cameramen

Freelance Cameramen wanted with experience in recording and editing events such as business seminars, training sessions and talk/shows. The IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network is launching new Shows for small and home based business audiences and need local cameramen to record events in selected locations. If you have experience in the video recording of wedding or other events, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to  move-up to IntraNet-TV. See, our website at: and choose a city near you. For more information you may call us at: 410-367-5167 or email:  


National Salespersons Wanted

Experienced salespersons  wanted to sell direct mail services to local business owners. You must be able to work from home as an independent contractor and is paid by commission for each advertising program or service you sell. Those who are successful can get a draw against commission, after a predetermine period of time. There is also a  lead generating service available around more than 50 Major US Cities with IntraNet-TV Webchannels  for our top performers. To qualify you must have a computer and access to unlimited telephone service. A six figure income is possible for the right person. For more information call 410-367-5309 or visit If you have an interest; email your resume to


 Virtual Market Mailers

The Internet has created a new field in direct marketing that allows small business owners to gain access to previously closed Niche Markets. This form of marketing lets you cultivate Special Niche Market Groups that’s closed to your competition. Virtual Market Mailers are sent via email to customers who can link directly to your website, in real time. The mailing cost is twenty five (25) times less than a print mailer, you can mail up to 250,000 inserts for $495 plus the cost of your graphics. By contrast a print mailing cost $595, for a 10,000 zip code residential mailing. For more information visit our website:





Circle Marketing

Each Business Marketing Circle member offers a-one-of-a-kind product or service. Circle Market members freely share referrals and contacts, thereby they multiplying their marketing efforts, sometimes up to 20 percent more than they could accomplish alone. This joint marketing system allows you to target niche groups with others who need to reach the same market with various merchandise. Join our membership partners program and grow your business, whiling lowering your direct marketing cost. For more information visit our website:




Virtual Business Brand

What is a Virtual Business Brand? If you don’t know how to use your “Brand”, you could lose most valuable asset you have! A Virtual Business Brand is the equivalent to combination your Global Trademark and Mission Statement. A well defined Virtual Business Brand could be worth more than all the real estate and business holding you could accumulate in a life time. Today, you can use Circle Marketing to build our global brand that could someday be worth millions of dollars (Facebook and YouTube are good examples of this). For more information visit our website:




National Register of US Home Based Businesses

In the new global marketplace, your Home Based Business needs to be unique in its field. Today, you can register in a Business Trade Group for $48 per year. The U.S. National Register of Home Based Businesses currently recognizes over 200 Business Trade Groups. This National Register provides you with an opportunity to expand your business field that could someday be worth millions of dollars.  




Certified Business Developer (CBD)

Become a Certified Business Developer (CBD) and be a part of a Dot-Com Business Incubator that allows CBD’s to head a Business Development team of consultants. The Dot-Com Business Incubators builds and certifies Business Models & Franchises. If you have experience in the field of business, this could be the chance to take your career to the next level. Our CBD graduates into a system that can help market them as Certified Business Developers.


Writers, Editors and Graphic Artists

The IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Company (INBC) has begin to broad and needs all types of cast and crew members. Therefore, it’s seeking individuals with writing and graphic skills that can be used by Niche Market Webstations and community owned Webchannels. IntraNet-TV is pause to become one of the largest niche market broadcasting networks on the Internet. Call us at: 410-367-5167 of visit:


HBB Talk/Show

Host your own home business talk/show for “FREE”. If you are expert or an experienced  spokesperson for a Niche Market Group, this could be an excellent opportunity for you, to host a weekly or monthly talk/show. Call us at: 410-367-5308 of visit:



StarNet Acting Model Training

If you want to enter the field of IntraNet-TV Broadcasting as an acting model, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for. The INBC-TV Network is seeking individuals who want to train and become a StarNet Acting Model. The models will appear in mini-commercials, ads, virtual trade shows and products displays. Start your training  today, enter the new field of IntraNet-TV Broadcasting, the home of Niche Market Television. 



 Virtual Event Display

Start building your business model image with virtual event displays. You can display your product or service in more than 16 major US cities. Your on-demand digital or video presentation can be linked to your website in real time. Get started today and add value to your business, with a new class quality of leads.




Virtual Marketing Reps.

Want to enter the field of Internet Marketing but lack the funds to start a Home Based Business at this time. Become a membership partner in the NAHBB and start earning money from Referrals & Lead generating opportunities. Once, you prove your ability to manage your own business from home and you are successfully,. You may be given a opportunity to secure a lease management agreement, that will let you enjoy the benefits of a franchise without the cost associated with full-ownership.



Community Webchannel Owners

Own your own local Community Business or Niche Market Webchannel outlet. We recognize Community Webchannels in territories the size of towns, cities and counties. These territories are defined by zip codes.




T-Shirts & More Distributorships

The T-Shirts & More Franchise is a message design company for clothing and merchandise. It designs one-of-a-kind merchandise for promotional items. The T-Shirts & More Franchises, distributes positive image clothing with custom images and designed messages screened on tee-shirts, jogging & sweat suits, plus pullover sweaters. They also distribute merchandise that include; buttons, key chains and bumper stickers. T-Shirts & More is a positive image clothing and merchandise distributorship for the Futurewear Clothing line. For more information call us at: 410-367-5309


 Equity Capital Access Manager

The Franchise Stock Exchange is an important part of the Equity Capital Access Network, it uses specially trained Equity Capital Access Managers who seek investment firms and private clubs that want to invest in new and existing franchise models. This is an excellent primary and secondary career option. For more information call us at: 410-367-5309


Cash in on the Urban Real-Estate Boom, buying and selling condominium properties in inner cities. Learn to use our 10-step method to build easy wealth within a Urban Condo Purchase/Management System. It shows traditional renters how to use their current monthly rent payments to become property owners and landlords. This method of buying real property will allow them to enjoy a rent free life style. You can train to become a condo group leader or residential/modular real-estate agent, and bring this wealth building concept to your community. For more information call: 410-363-3575 or Email us at: Visit our website at:



 The BUILD EASY WEALTH BOARD GAME ™ is a new game that teaches many aspects of real estate, even city hall is a part of the game and so is rent court. There are luxury apartments and high-end condominiums that give the players a realistic sense of today’s downtown real estate market. The condominium conversion trend is a major theme throughout the game and the converting of rental apartments into condominiums is the game catalyst. The Build Easy Wealth Board Game ™ is a family game that can be used to teach young children how to invest in real estate. It is also a fun way to teach family and friends the Rent Free Lifestyle a new living arrangement an investment strategy that generates income while building equity wealth. To accelerate the worldwide growth of the board game the parent company is establishing a new type of Production Distribution System. For more information call: 410-363-3575 or Email us at: Visit our website at:





Distributorship Business Opportunity 

 People are living longer and retiring early with few rewarding career opportunities available for them. A SecondaryCareerOptions.Com Distributorship Business Opportunity, will let you help others find secondary careers that will allow them to be self-employed, work for others or have other to work for them. This business opportunity can be run from home, using the Internet. Your certification will allow you to offer business and training opportunities  to retirees and individuals who need to supplement their incomes. To get additional information call us at: 410-367-5308.


                                                                     Certified Franchise Developer (CFD)

Enroll in our conversion leadership training program for franchise developers and learn how to establish and develop independent franchise outlets. Once, you become a Certified Franchise Developer (CFD) and satisfactorily complete your probationary period. You are eligible to own and/or manage both a USA CondoKing Commercial Franchise and/or a USA CondoKing Residential Franchise. All franchise developers go through the same field training program where they are allowed to assist in the management of an activate condo conversion project. This is one of the few training positions in the consortium, that lets you remain inside the Consortium’s management organizational structure. For more information you may reach us at: 410-367-5309 or visit our website: or e-mail us at:  


MicroBusiness Teachers

Become a Certified Business Teacher or Consultant and enter the Small and Home Based Business training field with a new class of entrepreneur. MicroBusiness Ventures were described by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) as a “$1 trillion dollar market”, in 2006. If you have a teaching or business background and want to teach non-credit courses, this could be an excellent secondary career choice. Business skill and secondary career courses can be taught in the evenings and on weekends. For more information visit our website:





Commercial Modular Agents and Brokers

The U.S.A. Commercial Modular Buildings Agent and Broker Services allows ordinary people to enter the construction building industry as a primary or secondary career option. This is a new 21st century opportunity that pays the highest commission to independent contractors than any other industry in the United States. The Commission range for commercial modular and real estate agents are between $25,000 to $250,000. Because of the high commissions paid it is considered to be the third rail in income producing opportunities in a service driven economy. Within one year of the successful completion of your training, you will be considered a Commercial Modular Agent and/or Broker.  For more information call: 410-367-5309 or visit our website at:


Condo Group Leadership Training

The USA Condominium Consortium is seeking entrepreneurs and others who are facilitators to teach a 10-Step Method to build wealth buying and selling condominium properties. Once, certified you will become apart of a team that will implement the condominium purchase management system in local and national markets. Form more information call: 410-367-5309 or visit our website at:



Certified International Trader (CIT)

Become a Certified International Trader (CIT) and enter the field of international trade in a serious way. You can start with the Exporter's Incubator of America's certified international trader’s training program. Since the world is now moving toward a single market, those who learn exporting and importing  will be among the top professionals in the world. Our CIT Training Program is administrated through a home correspondence course. Once you successfully complete the course you will be able to use our International Trader’s Network to export and import products and services around the world. The Exporter's Incubator of America offers training programs  for independent traders and distributors. It provides home training courses for Certified International Traders (CITs) and Global Master Distributors (GMDs).  and




Commercial Event Specialists

The Commercial Event Planning field is now open to three new classes of professionals. They are Certified Event Mangers (CEM) Commercial Event Coordinators (CEC) and Commercial Marketing Specialists (CES). 


Certified Franchise Marketer (CFM)

he NAHBB Development Group is seeking individuals who want to enter a unique training program to sell business models and franchises over the Internet. Our unique marketing system lets you train in your spare time. Once, you’ve satisfactorily completed the training program, you graduate into a private marketing system where you will receive additional support. Call us at: 410-367-5309 of visit:


 Education and Business Consultants

Become a certified education or business consultant and join the Academic/Entrepreneurship Education Management Team. This is a newly established entrepreneurial focused management service that specializes in public and private charter schools. If you have a background in business, teaching or administration you could become a consultant for the rapidly expanding charter school industry. When you meet our certification requirements you may join our education management company as an independent contractor or you can start your own consulting business. This is a secondary career option and an excellent training opportunity for you to enhance your future career choices.  For more information call 410-367-5308 or visit our website at:



Certified Business Developer (CBD)

 A Certified Business Developer (CBD) is an experienced business consultant who wants to take their consulting career to the next level. Our certified business developers head business development teams for the Small Business Development Incubator (SBDI). These incubators build business models and franchises. If you have experience in business ownership and/or management this could be an opportunity of a lifetime for you. For more information call: 410-367-5309 or e-mail us at: of visit:






Real estate partnership teams forming for a new condo conversion leadership franchise. The Live-In Investment Condominium model greatly accelerates the marketing efforts of owners, investors, real estate developers and others who are engaged in the converting of low and moderate income rental apartment into affordable condominiums. For additional information call us at: 410-367-5309 or visit our website at: and          or e-mail us at:  



IntraNet-TV Freelance Cameramen

Freelance Cameramen wanted with experience in recording and editing events such as business seminars, training sessions and talk/shows. The IntraNet-TV Broadcasting Network is launching new Shows for small and home based business audiences and need local cameramen to record events in selected locations. If you have experience in the video recording of wedding or other events, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to  move-up to IntraNet-TV. See, our website at: INBC-TV.COM and choose a city near you. For more information you may call us at: 410-367-5167 or email:  

For more information call: (410) 367-5309 or E-mail:  


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