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War On Rent Campaign  - Tired of Paying Rent !! Own an Affordable Condo for the same monthly payment you now pay for rent.

SecondaryCareerOptions.Com - is a website for the Modern American Workforce.

Advance Business & Real Estate  – Leading Edge Opportunities for Next Generation Entrepreneurs and Facilitators.

Global Business & Trade - is a network trading system for independent traders and manufacturers. 

Business Marketing Circle - is a special niche marketing program for small and home based businesses companies with provide high-quality products and services.

Commercial Modular Marketing Agent/Broker - training program for individuals who want to enter the lucrative field of commercial real-estate, but don’t want to take years to enter.

Build Easy Wealth - buying & selling urban condominium apartment buildings and residential real-estate properties.

Optical Frames and Sunglasses – is a distributor of American, European, and Ethnic eyeglasses. 

Fast Track Business Development Center provide business model and franchise development and executive suites facility. These centers  provide more than 30 special programs and services for small and home-based businesses. 

International Traders Training - offered a 12 week training program for Certified International Traders, (CITs).

Dot-Com Business Incubators - offers concept development for Internet business models and franchises.

Secondary Career Schools – provide secondary career and business training courses for individuals who want to be self-employed.

 Micro-Business Enterprises – is made-up of small & home based businesses. It represent more than 85% of all US businesses both large and small.

 Modern American Workforce – is a dual track career workforce. This highly diverse workforce have both primary and secondary career skills.

 E-Learning Design Course Service – on line training course design service. It allows  you to host and training students on-line. This is a complete self-managed course with a design system that allow you to train over the Internet.


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